Kimberly Corley, MA               (802) 654-8820 
Licensed Psychologist -Masters
Located in the Historic Woolen Mill, 20 West Canal Street, Suite c-11, Winooski, VT 05404

Over 20 Years of Experience 
Providing Psychotherapy

Located in The Historic Woolen Mill in downtown Winooski, Vermont. 
1 mile from I-89 and just across the Winooski River from Burlington, Vermont.
            My practice is open to new clients ages 23-65 for individual psychotherapy as well as couples therapy. I am experienced and comfortable working with people on a broad range of problems, some of which include relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, stress, trauma, professional/work concerns, and for assistance with life transitions. It is not necessary though to have identified a problem in order to meet with me, since I also work with people who are feeling stuck or unfulfilled in life to find ways to move forward differently. Couples most often contact me to work through relationship problems that have arisen, improve communication, and restore the connection.
       My credentials include over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy for people of all ages. In addition to psychotherapy, I have been a conference speaker and write regularly about mental health topics. I attained a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Saint Michael's College in 2000. In 2002, I earned the license to practice independently in the State of Vermont as a Licensed Psychologist-Masters. For nineteen years now, I have been a clinician and partner in private practice. RiverValley Associates, where I practice, is a small group of highly experienced, independent psychotherapists located in a private suite at the beautiful and historic Woolen Mill.
    My fee is $110 per standard session for individual therapy and $120 for couples therapy. I can offer a sliding-fee scale based upon income eligibility. For couples therapy I do not accept any insurance. I do accept some insurance plans for individual psychotherapy however, insurance companies require people to meet eligibility criteria in order to use insurance for psychotherapy and plans that are managed care require therapy to focus on symptom reduction. While a lot of people meet the insurance criteria and are eligible to use insurance, many others seek out psychotherapy who do not. I can offer more extensive psychotherapy for people outside of insurance.