Kimberly Corley, MA               (802) 654-8820 
Licensed Psychologist-Masters
Located in the Historic Woolen Mill, 20 West Canal Street, Suite c-11, Winooski, VT 05404

Professional Fee Information 

    One of the first questions that people ask is about my professional fees. My professional fee for a standard individual psychotherapy session is $110 and for couples therapy $120. I can offer a sliding-fee scale based upon income for those who are eligible. 

   I do not accept insurance for couples therapy. For individual psychotherapy, I do accept some insurance plans. Using insurance has it's drawbacks though and people are only eligible to use insurance if they have a diagnosable mental health disorder and meet the insurance company’s criteria that the problem is 'medically necessary'. In addition to these requirements, using insurance limits people's privacy rights and decisions about care may be dictated by the insurance company. Many people seek out psychotherapy that do not meet the insurance eligibility criteria or do not wish to participate with their insurance and instead pay out-of-pocket for my services. If you do wish to use insurance and meet the insurance company's criteria for eligibility when you begin therapy; when your symptoms improve, you will no longer be eligible to use insurance. Many people feel that their therapy is unfinished at this point and have the option to continue therapy by paying out-of-pocket for my services.